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The InsideEdge’s trading platform built on the CME's Market Profile™. InsideEdge offers trader education utilizing proprietary software, a fully disclosed trading methodology, and specific trades and trading strategies via a live, daily chat room forum. Additionally, the software is supported by text manuals, video recordings. The "live" chat room that operates from 08:00 EST till 15:30 EST. The chat room forum offers room members the support they need to master the software and the specific trade setups. New traders can follow and learn the concepts and prescribed trades in a live trading environment. This speeds their growth into independent traders. Many of our room members have found that the InsideEdge® is just "what they were missing".  

Charles Cochran, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

 Mr. Cochran is a former U.S. Air Force Pilot and has been an active participant in the securities and futures industry for 31years. After leaving the USAF he was a management consultant with Pizza Hut as his largest client. He entered the brokerage industry in 1980 and achieved officer status and made the President’s Council in two national brokerage firms. In 1991, he formed Charles Cochran & Associates to take his trading, educational, and research ideas to the market for professional traders and institutions.

Mr. Cochran has been a hedging consultant for Wood Mackenzie, CTA, Independent IB owner, and the developer of three trading software programs. His clientele has included some of the biggest names in the hedging and trading community: Koch Industries, Texaco, Arco, Can-Pet, Burnes and Frye, Chase Manhattan Bank, The King Ranch, Center Oil, Simmons Petroleum, Warburg Pincus, Brookover Enterprises, Excel, Cargill and Bank Four to mention a few. This working knowledge of the institutional mindset and what makes them move gives his clientele a jump on the markets at turning points.

His first software program, Catswin, was CQG's first independent vendor's software to be offered in their system. CQG was the industry’s premier quotation service and their promotion of the software was quite an endorsement.

In 1998, the CME's technology committee recognized this software program as the best software for replicating the floor environment on a trading screen for off the floor traders. His second software program, Floor Trader, was developed to capture and show the volume/time and sales data real time, as offered by the electronic exchanges. The latest version of the software, Inside Edge, is offered by Blue Water Trading Solutions. The software is Market Profile based and shows MP information on all its screens. The software’s focus is the directional movement of volume through time and the distributions. Mr. Cochran has taught classes on his software and market profile at CME, CBOT, and NYMEX Exchanges and numerous private venues.

Peter Nannis - Co-Founder and Managing Partner

 In May 2011 Mr Nannis founded Bluewater Trading Solutions Inc. with the purpose of reviving and re-launching the TradeMaven software platform to the public under the new name “Inside Edge Trader”. The venture is the result of Mr Nannis buying back all software and intellectual property from the TradeMaven Group with the purpose of solely bringing state of the art trading software solutions to the retail and professional trader.

Mr Nannis had a 12 year career engineering and developing complex software systems and managing operations at Ericsson Inc. In 2001 Mr Nannis left Ericsson and founded a Professional Services company that provided software development, project management and deployment services.

In 2003 Mr Nannis co-founded TradeMaven Software LLC and focused his efforts on designing and implementing the TradeMaven software platform. The TradeMaven platform has pioneered the trading platform industry with a well-balanced set of features that provides the best possible trading experience.

In December 2005 Mr Nannis became a Managing Partner and CIO/CTO in the TradeMaven Group LLC after the merger of TradeMaven Software LLC and eLocal LLC which was headquartered at the Chicago Board of Trade. The purpose was to combine both software and brokerage into a one stop solution for any trader. Mr Nannis was responsible for all software development and trading infrastructure supporting both retail and professional/floor traders. TradeMaven Group was at one time a registered FCM.

In 2007 Mr Nannis co-founded Investor’s Inside Edge LLC together with Charlie Cochran with the purpose of implementing Charlie’s trading methodology into the software platform and making it available to the public. With superior analytical services supported by a trading software platform our customers get everything they need to succeed.

Currently Mr Nannis is the President of Bluewater Trading Solutions and a Managing Partner of Investor’s Inside Edge LLC.

Mr Nannis holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering since 1989 and a MBA from UC Irvine since 1999.

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Trade Date: 3/19/2018 Commentary (delayed until 10.20 AM ET)
ZN R1-R4: 120-095-120-12, 120-14-120-16, 120-195-120-20, 120-24-120-28

ZN S1-S4: 120-025-120-04, 119-305-120-00, 119-28-119-285, 119-20-119-24

ZN/ZB Comments: The week starts w/TSY’s lower in anticipation of a rate hike on Wed and forward guidance that might show 4 interest rate increases as opposed to 3. Equities are lower outside of China’s mkts too. The FOMC announcement on Wed was cited a one of the reasons for selling in equities. Higher interest rates lead to lower TSY prices. No news to speak of OVN nor scheduled for this AM. The FOMC announcement tends to freeze the mkts, when the Fed is expected to change the status quo. A trading range mkt w/a down bias is likely through Wed’s announcement. Resistance begins at 120-08/12 and support is at 120-00/04 as the mkt opens. I like the sht side of the mkt first this AM. First sell is 120-07/11 followed by 120-15/19. Cover at 120-01 OB. First buy is 120-00/04 followed by 11925/29. Exit at 120-11 OB.

ZB R1-R4: 144-08-144-10, 144-12-144-13, 144-16-144-20, 144-24-144-29

ZB S1-S4: 144-00-144-02, 143-26-143-28, 143-20-143-24, 143-10-143-16

ES R1-R4: 2742-2746, 2750-2752, 2755-2762, -

ES S1-S4: 2733-2735, 2728-2730, 2720-2725, -

ES Comments: Stks are lower round the globe outside of China w/Japan’s mkts leading the way. The tape cites Facebook woes, Apple’s plan to develop its own screens, Wed’s interest rate increase, political uncertainties in the EU and more. The FANG’s are catching more negative news about their political involvement and coercive activities against competitors. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others in a previous age would be subject to antitrust prosecution and regulation. This pressure has started in the EU and may spread to the US as more of their activities re uncovered. Little official economic news over the weekend. None scheduled for this AM in the US. Wed’s FOMC announcement tends to sideline the institutions as they await the Fed’s announcement. The Fed is expected to raise interest rates by 25 bp’s on Wed. The mkt will focus on their forward guidance where 3 interest rate increases are currently forecast. Resistance begins at 2745/50 and support is at 2730/35 as the mkt opens. I like a sht this morning, but can trade from the long side if 2730 holds as support. First sell is 2739/44 followed by 2749/54. Cover at 2731 OB. First buy is 2726/31 followed by 2716/21. Exit at 2744 OB.