Welcome to CNFT

On this page we are providing links to our Market Profile classes, our rooms, videos that provide a brief explanation about each chart on CNFT’s platform, and video commentary from our trading rooms.

CNFT's 3-2-1 & Spreads Webinar 9-16-15 :Our webinar examines the differences between price and volume analysis, shows which really drives the markets, and introduces two new proprietry indicators based on spreads and volume filtering.

For our guest we are posting the recordings of the live webinar from this week.  They will all be posted by Friday.

Market Profile Webinar May 7 Part I

Market Profile Webinar May 8 Part II


Morning Analysis with Charlie - this is a typical morning briefing that Charlie gives from his analysis, he constantly reviews the markets and gives updates every hour in the morning starting at 7:45.

Morning Analysis with Charlie

An example of an ES News Day Trading analysis

CNFT ES News Day  2-6-15

Charting Platform Videos

Here are some videos for guests so you can understand what's on the charts.  They aren't meant to teach you how to use the charts, only to give you a basic understanding so you will be able to follow more of what's going on it the rooms. 

Welcome Charts F1 Overview      4:30 Minutes                      Description: The F1 Chart gives you the big picture of the market action and is the best time frame for evaluating what the market has done, what it is doing and danger areas to avoid. It is key for seeing the next day's potential.

Welcome Charts F2 Overview   20:16 Minutes                   Description:  The F2 Chart is where the daily evaluations are applied, where trades are refined and levels are set for entry and exit.

Welcome Charts F3 Overview    4:52 Minutes                      Description: The F3 Chart exploits the 15 and 30 minute time periods and provides the market profile in every time segment.

Welcome Charts F4 Overview   9:03 Minutes                      Description: The F4 is the execution and trade management Chart, it is also key in identifying prescribed setups.

Welcome Charts F5 Overview    11:12 Minutes                   Description:  The F5 Chart is the electronic version of 'Reading the Tape'.  It displays every trade taken in the instrument.

Welcome Charts F6 Overview   8:30 Minutes                      Description:  The F6 Chart by default reads volume by bars and can read by ticks or a combination of both.  This chart helps you to identify when institutions are trading in the market and confirms the direction for trade selection. 

CNFT's Web Site Walk Through  This is a 30 minute video showing you what is on our web site and how to find training resouces for each of our trading rooms and much more.  Please review this if you haven't used the site.